Can I Get Your Attention Lyrics

Can I Get Your Attention Lyrics. I'm not a leader but i can pretend if that's what you need i'm not a fighter but i'll be your friend when you concede im not a stranger but ill disappear when you need to be alone i'm not a forgetter but i'll forgive you before you've known i couldn't promise the world to you but i can promise today i'll make no conclusions as how this will go or how this will end can i have your. Can i get your attention lyrics.


The track was written by prince, although credited to taja sevelle, who wrote the third verse, and was produced by prince (although credited to the album’s main producer, chico bennett ). All i need is in your arms. To settle now, c'mon now, in the club now,

They Add Color And Drama To Your Presentation To Make It More Interesting.

Can i get your attention lyrics. Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are. Ruben studdard featuring pretty tony

We All Want What We Want, But It's Always Difficult To Figure Out How To Get It.

Kelly give me the ball girl! If i could get ur attention, i'd turn u on and on. [chorus:] can i get your attention for a minute, you need to know that we gotta live it up girl (live it up) (c'mon now) and all of my thugs (c'mon now (oh)) to everybody who be livin it up in the hood,

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Can I Get Your Attention Lyrics:

I'd love u good, u know i'd love u long. If i could get your attention (a.k.a. Can i get a little bit of your attention.

We''re Gonna Have A Problem Here Y''all Act Like Ya Never Seen A White Person Before Jaws All On The Floor Like Pam, Like Tommy Just Burst In The Door

Will the real slim shady please stand up? If you get an opportunity to meet with and submit songs to a publisher, you need to research what. I repeat, will the real slim shady please stand up?

If I Could Get Your Attention.

You'll walk again close your eyes and smile, you'll sleep like a baby take my hand, you enjoy all you see, all you hear and all you feel as each day begins, let me have your first hello reach our for my hand, you're more than you can know i believe these lyrics are close to the song i'm looking for. Powerful words to get people’s attention immediately words to get people's attention. Oh yes i do, ooh.