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Can I Apply Oil After Hair Transplant

Can I Apply Oil After Hair Transplant. After the donor area has healed, vitamin e oil can be applied to soften the tissue and improve its quality. This can help soften crusts before morning bath.

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After your hair transplant surgery, you will need to take care of yourself, and your recovery will be based on the steps you take. Rather, use a cup to rinse shampoo out of your hair. Jojoba oil is very beneficial for damaged hair.

You May Apply A Thin Coat Of Baby Oil Or Moisturizer To The Graft Area At Bedtime.

Do not wash your hair too aggressively through the fifth day after treatment. Vitamin e improves healing of damaged skin and scars with its antioxidant properties. If you need to trim your hair in donor area you can plan it after stitch removal.

In Case You Still Wish To Use Some Hair Oil After The Transplant, Only Coconut Oil/Almond/ Olive Oil Should Be Used And Its Use Can Be Started 12 Weeks After The Surgery.

Some hair transplant patients however, do apply oil to their scalp to help loosen the scabs during the first 2 weeks. You can’t die your hair within four. Don’t be alarmed if you experience swelling, especially on days 3 and 4 after the surgery.

If You Are Going To Do This, Apply The Oil With A Dropper And Don’t Touch The Transplanted Area For The First 9 Days.

Many patients find that they prefer mousse after transplant surgery, as it makes the hair appear more voluminous and fuller. Can i apply oil after a hair transplant? Doctor in the post op instruction had advised not to use any gels or oils for first 6 months.

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The More Moisturized Your Scalp Is, The Healthier Your Hair Will Be.

However, i would suggest using topical minoxidil instead of oils, since the positive effects of the treatment are proven by a study. Do not pick or squeeze them; Do not pick or force off crusts.

There Might Be Some Discomfort In The Donor Area Over The Sutures.

Generally, patients can begin using hair gels, sprays, and mousses at two to three weeks after surgery. After the donor area has healed, vitamin e oil can be applied to soften the tissue and improve its quality. It also aids in the prevention of split ends.