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Can I Do Hajj For My Parents

Can I Do Hajj For My Parents. And allaah is the source of strength. The only way that i can do so now is by taking some loans or using my credit cards.

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Honestly, this fact hurts me. 0 vote up vote down. But i am sure that i would be able to reply my loans soon, insha allah, once i get a job after graduation.

But If You Send Your Parents For Hajj First, Their Hajj Is Still Valid.

Give you (and whoever else contributes) the reward of hajj (though it doesn’t fulfill your own obligatory hajj!)—because, “ whoever assists in the good has the reward of those who act on it, ” said the prophet (allah bless him and give him peace); “make hajj on behalf of your father. Unfortunately, he did not perform hajj.

Can I Perform The Obligatory Hajj For Him And Do Hajj On His Behalf?.

Honestly, this fact hurts me. Can i make hajj or umrah on. My parents are 55 years old this year btw.

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If your parents had already performed hajj during their lifetime, you are permitted, but there is no need for you to perform another hajj on their behalf. Only helping hand will be from other pilgrims. My question is can i send some other person to do hajj on his behalf.

If Your Father Is Not Able To Do Hajj Himself, Because Of Old Age Or Sickness For Which There Is No Hope Of A Cure And Which Makes Him Unable To Do Hajj, Then He Has To Appoint Someone Else To Do Hajj On His Behalf, Whether He Appoints You Or Someone Else.

Can my cousin pay for my parents hajj? It means if i do register my parents for hajj this year, they will be performed hajj on 2035 which means 72 years old for their ages. Admin staff asked 9 months ago.

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My Parents Have The Means To Perform Hajj.however, My Mom's Niece Is Super Rich And Every Year She Pays For Other People's Hajj.she Offered My Mom To Pay For Her Hajj As Well.

1 answer active oldest votes 1 the validity of a person's hajj does not depend on the money being earned by themselves 1, 2. But, imam malik permitted doing so only on behalf of a dead person. Would that need to be in father’s name or the other person’s name.