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Can I Leave My Shih Tzu Home Alone

Can I Leave My Shih Tzu Home Alone. Make use of a doggie daycare or dog walker if you can. Shih tzu can learn to stay home alone for four to eight hours, but this social breed does not like spending time alone.

Shih Tzu Congestive Heart Failure The Dogs
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That is their only job. When the cat is home alone, keep him. My wife and i have a 3 year old shih tzu named zeus.

And This Is Not The Dog For You If You Cannot Afford To Maintain His Or Her Coat.

Types of behavior that can occur when a dog is anxious about being. And this is not the dog for you if you must leave the dog home alone all day in a back yard or a crate. If you can come home at lunch to let it out that would be great.

If You Are Thinking Of Getting A Dog But Are Going To Be Out A Lot Then You Should Find Out If The Dog Is Good At Being Left A.

Older shih tzus and puppies may not be able to go that long without a bathroom break. Young puppies simply do not have strong bladder and bowel muscles; (this would also be a long time for an older dog!)

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My Shepherds Came To Work With Me When They Were Young But I Know Not Everyone Can Do That.

You’ll want to be home while initially crate training; Eventually, your dog will become comfortable there. But because they tend to develop a strong attachment with their owners, they will not be too happy about it.

Older Shih Tzus And Puppies May Not Be Able To Go That Long Without A Bathroom Break.

Signs include scratching at doors and windows, destructive chewing, howling or whining, and going potty inside the house. This will show in a variety of behaviors which might lead the returning human to think the dog needs training. You can opt to provide a quiet room within your home specifically for the birthing process, which will also help keep your shih tzu at ease.

He's Never Had An Accident, And Is Pretty Damn Calm.

Once your shih tzu is past the puppy stage and is fully housebroken, it should be able to be left home alone for 8 or 9 hours at a time. Life doesn’t always go according to plan and there will be times when you have zero choice but to leave your pomeranian home alone for over eight hours. Shih tzu were bred to provide companionship: