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Can I Mount 2 Transducers Side By Side

Can I Mount 2 Transducers Side By Side. Is it bad to turn on fish finder out of water? I have a hads 7 combo and a furuno 585 and i run mine at the same time with no problems!

Lowrance StructureScan HD LSS2 Australia DownScanning
Lowrance StructureScan HD LSS2 Australia DownScanning from

Otherwise.mounted next to each other you are gonna have problems. But dont mount them side by side! If they pick up each others singles, they will not work right.

Side By Side May Cause Interference And Crosstalk Between The Two Units.not Just The Transducers But Also Across The Feed Cables.

Mount two transducers side by side? I have 4 transducers mounted side by side. If one is a humminbird and the other a lowrance i was told would work fine due to different frequency.

If You Do, And You Don't Get Interference, Then I Would Assume You Should Be Ok To Run Them Both After You Move Them.

As you can see it is a tight fit, but considering the fact that this was done on a glacier bay, there shouldn’t be many (any?) cases in which the transom will be more cramped then this one is. What side of a boat do you mount a transducer? You can mount them 3 inches apart as long as only one unit is turn on at a time.

Potentially This Can Create Burned Areas On A Prop Blade (2) Ventilation:

How far in the water does a transducer need to be? And when you lay down the cable, make sure to keep it away from any other wires or electronic devices that can cause interference. You can mount si/di and high speed transducers side by side on the same side of the boat without any problems.

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If You Have 40Khz Or More Difference In Your Two Transducers, They Will Work Without Interference.

If you are using a 9 m silr y, 14 m silr y, ms silr y, as silr y or the as 14silr y with your side imaging unit, you are doing so because you are using two side imaging transducers. Is it bad to turn on fish finder out of water? Old gps is dying and new will have sonar capabilities.

A Transducer Dragging Or Plowing Anywhere Below The Running Surface Of A Boat Will Part The Water, Just As A Plowed.

April 20, 2009 at 4:47 pm #769963. Can i run two transom mounted transducer side by side without interference issues when both may be on. I have a lowrance elite 7 with down scan mounted near the console and have upgraded it to a elite 7 ti total scan or side imaging.