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Can I Paint The Inside Of My Gas Fireplace

Can I Paint The Inside Of My Gas Fireplace. We removed the gas burner and logs and the inner liners were held in place with small metal clips that are easily removed. In any case, the answer is “yes”.

A Fireplace Refresh
A Fireplace Refresh from

Painting the interior of your fireplace, painting wood burning stoves, etc. You can search for fireplace paint but really you are looking for it to withstand the max temperature. But if you want a light color inside the burning area, it won't last.

Painting The Interior Of Your Fireplace, Painting Wood Burning Stoves, Etc.

Using a mixture of white latex paint and water ( you can read all about the process here), i whitewashed the eighties out of my brick fireplace… my fireplace after whitewashing the brick: But if you want a light color inside the burning area, it won't last. While the fireplace dries from the intense scrub down, you can tape off any areas that you don’t want to get hit with spray paint.

In Any Case, The Answer Is “Yes”.

With use, your firebox can get quite dirty and ugly. While there are choices of different colors to choose, dark gray or black is the best for painting the inside of the fireplace. A fireplace can be successfully painted!

It Can Withstand Temperatures Up To 1200 Degrees Farenheit.

Painting inside of gas fireplace. Will soon discolor it dark. One of the easiest, most cost effective ways to give your fireplace a fresh new look, is by painting the inside of your fireplace, the firebox.

I Would Like To Install New Gas Logs To Get It Working Again.

If it’s good enough for a hot gas grill, it’s good enough for your fireplace front i promise! When painting outside (like the fireplace surround and hearth) keeping it neutral and calm is the best option. Of course, use wisdom in deciding if to paint near your fireplace and whether or not to turn off your pilot light for this project.

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Yeah, I Would Just Wonder If The High Heat Paint Would Be High Enough.

Scrape any ash on the walls of the firebox, vacuum and then use damp old rags to wipe down the interior of the box. In one go, you can remove any soot and dirt while matching your fireplace with its surrounding interior style. An example would be the hood on a gas convector fire.