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Can I Put A Rifle Scope On A Shotgun

Can I Put A Rifle Scope On A Shotgun. If you need a scope. This allows you to swap barrels based on the shotgun’s intended use at any given time, choosing a rifled barrel for slugs and a smoothbore for ducks and doves.


You need to move to a rifle. Larger game calls for even greater accuracy than turkey hunting. The truglo 4x32mm shotgun scope is one of the best shotgun scopes you can choose if you want the

A Slug Gun Is Technically A Shotgun But Is Designed With A Rifled Barrel To Accurately Shoot A Slug.

Bucky, i have used rifle scopes on slug shotguns for several decades, starting in 1970, before anyone even thought of making a scope just for shotguns. So, the shotgun scope is required to be a little bit durable. While it isn't difficult to utilize a rifle scope on a shotgun, i would not suggest it.

Shotguns And Slug Guns Can Have Some Mighty Recoil, And A Scope Not Built To Handle It Will Eventually Work Itself Apart.

Using a rifle scope on. A slug gun is just a shotgun that has been turned into a rifle. Rifle guns can shoot a much longer range than a shotgun.

But Not Any Scope Will Do For A Slug Gun The Scope Should Be Tough As Nails.

If you do choose to use a scope, and the gun is not a dedicated slug gun, go with the cantilever scope mount. Scope is mounted on the barrel about an inch from the reciever and works fine with a ler pistol scope. Personally, i use a scope as it helps me see my target better.

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It’s Much Easier To Do With Your Readers On.

If you can fit the 8x on the kar98, you can fit it on the m16. Two questions i have as i am still on my scope search. You need to move to a rifle.

Instead Of Being Attached To The Receiver, The Optic Rides A Rail That Is Welded To The Barrel Itself.

The kar98k's rail is pretty small. As for open sights or not, that's a personal preference. With a shotgun scope, you will have a more extended eye relief than the rifle scope.