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Can I Put Trampoline On Concrete

Can I Put Trampoline On Concrete. Not only is it dangerous, but it can be bad for the trampoline. Our original blew up and over a large stone wall (not a scrape to the wall) and rolled up the road and stopped all buckled in bushes.

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It is dangerous, as it has no give and would not be able to take impact energy. Yes, you can sit your trampoline on concrete as long as you implement the proper safety measures. What is the best base for a trampoline?

If The Trampoline Is Put On Concrete It Can Cause More Serious Injuries And Cause The Trampoline To Break Down Quickly.

It is not recommended to put a trampoline directly on the concrete. If you want to do that you need to put an additional layer beneath the trampoline. There are several excellent reasons why trampoline on concrete is not the best idea.

Some Trampoline Makers Even State That Placing A Trampoline On Concrete Will Void The Warranty.

This isn’t going to happen overnight. If the trampoline is put on concrete it can cause more serious injuries and cause the trampoline to break down quickly. Putting a trampoline on concrete, believe it or not, can cause harm to the apparatus.

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Yes, You Can Sit Your Trampoline On Concrete As Long As You Implement The Proper Safety Measures.

If you can, don’t put the trampoline on concrete. Not only is it dangerous, but it can be bad for the trampoline. If you want to devote the time, money, and energy to installing a concrete base in the shape of your trampoline to set it on without building it wider than the actual trampoline then you will find this to be a.

However, If You Don’t Have A Big Grassy Lawn, You Might Be Wondering Where You Can Put Your Trampoline.

Putting the trampoline on concrete can lead to more serious injuries occurring and more rapidly breaking down the trampoline. How do you mow under a trampoline? Unluckily, you cannot place the trampoline directly on the concrete lacking the extra layer under the trampoline.

However, You Must Invest In A Full Safety Cage For Your Trampoline If.

There is a summary of it. Also, the shock of the impact from using a trampoline on concrete will cause stress to the trampoline frame. Unfortunately, you cannot put up a trampoline directly onto concrete without an extra layer beneath the trampoline.