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Can I Read The Quran On My Period

Can I Read The Quran On My Period. Sidra(@ninja.mommy), yoursecretromanianrevert(@yoursecretromanianrevert), maliha farooq(@maliha_farooq), زينب(@zeynepthemuslim), journeyoverthebridge(@journeyoverthebridge). Thank you for your important question.

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If everything you have memorized amounts to less than 5 juz, then you should finish reading everything you've memorized within a 5 day period. Can i read quran on my period? Because a person does not actually physically touch the computer screen while reading, there is no harm if a menstruating women happens to read.

Most Scholars Prohibit Women From Touching The Quran Based On The Hadith “The Menstruating Woman And The One Who Is In A State Of Sexual Impurity (Janaabah) Should Not Recite Anything Of The Qur’aan.” 2) She Can Read/Recite The Quran.

Bilal philips who stated, “it is better for us to only have read surah al baqarah (the cow) in the whole of ramadan, and to have reflected, contemplated, and benefited from it, than to have gone through the whole qur’an like a parrot,. Your connection with the qur’an does not need to come to a halt once your period starts. Qari asked me what my goal was and i learnt this was incorrect.

(Tirmidhī And Bayhaqī) It Is Also Commonly Agreed Amongst The Fuqahā That:

Allah's apostle came to me while i was weeping. The curriculum's focus is purely quranic, which is what you need right now. One is permitted to listen to the qur’ān during the period (see further under things to note below).

It Is Permitted To Hold Du’a Books That Contain Qur’ān In Them, In A State Of Menstruation.

A lady in her haid (menstruation) or janbat (severe impurity) should not recite anything from the quran. whoever recites the quran twice a year has. When the person reading the quran he found underline he make ' sujud 'so he can make in all direcation or like normal 'sujud' he must faces to kaba.

In The Shafi’i School, It Is Permissible To Recite The Qur’an While Menstruating If One Recites With The Intention Of Protection Or As A Supplication (Dhikr/Dua).

The maliki scholars however, maintained the permissibility for a woman in her menstrual period to recite the quran regardless of the reason of recitation (her fear of forgetting the quran for example). One has to remain clean throughout the period of reading quran. I did this having read fatwa.

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This Position Uses More Than 13+ Different Evidences.

However, a more expansive position would permit the recitation of a translation of the qur’an. Anything above 5 juz, you should finish in 6 days. The response is that touching the holy qur'an through cellphones is not considered as a haram practice.