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Can I Ski With A Torn Meniscus

Can I Ski With A Torn Meniscus. I am 24 years old and was a pretty aggressive park and back country skier before the injury. Put your right leg in front then.

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I do have occassional swelling in that lower leg. The meniscus can be torn by movements such as twisting movements at the knee joint while the leg is bent. Some cases of cartilage tear arise from an acute injury.

As A Matter Of Fact, A Study From Sports Medicine Found Out That About 31% Of Athletes Had Some Sort Of Damage To Their Meniscus And They Didn’t Feel Any Different.

A grade 1 tear can be managed using the rice (rest ice compression elevation) method. I tore mcl, lcl, and meniscus last season (along with some cracked bone heads in knee). Minor symptoms of a meniscus tear:

The Traumatic Action Can Cause Mechanical Symptoms Such As Catching, Clicking, Or Locking If You Continue To Walk Or Doing Exercises.

Meniscus tears take a long time to heal. During the surgery 25% of my left meniscus was removed. I went to a well respected knee doctor and after looking at pictures of my knee concluded that the tear was comparable to that of a football injury a lineman would experience, and that i needed arthroscopic surgery asap.

Causes Of A Torn Meniscus In Knee.

I was able to make it up for some groomer runs closing weekend after 10 weeks of rehab. Left untreated, a meniscus tear can limit your daily life and ability to participate in exercise and sports. Is compression good for torn meniscus?

Step 1 Seek Medical Treatment.

The more severe the tear, the more invasive the medical attention that will be required to heal. That said, snowboarding is not as taxing on the knees as skiing. Meniscus tears symptoms are categorized into three levels of severity:

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This Function Was Basically Lost When The Meniscus Was Torn With Most Types Of Tears, So Trimming Out The Tear Does Not Add Further Damage.

So, you might have had. My doctor said at nearly 40, since i am getting around okay, it was best not to have surgery because the recovery and scar tissue would be worse than what i have. In addition, it may show significant arthritis to the point where even if there is a meniscus tear, one has to treat the underlying arthritis as.