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Can I Use 225/60R17 Instead Of 225/65R17

Can I Use 225/60R17 Instead Of 225/65R17. The difference in ride quality is absolutely noticeable between my stock 18s and my girlfriend’s stock 17s. The smaller tire will fit.

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I think i want the 65's since i know they fit and could use the extra clearance at trailheads. A 205/550r17 sized tires is much narrower and shorter than a 225/55r17 sized tire. The ride will be harsher as well as the aspect ratio is two sizes lower.

Tire Width By Comparison, The 215 Tires Have A Smaller Width Than The 225 Tires.

I'm debating getting either the 225 or the 215 for winter, and can't decide on which one to get, i do have eyesight, and keeping the 225/60r17 would be closest to stock 225/55r18 size, however i always like to run narrower tires in winter, which is. Also done similar for short term (less than 6 months) for my wife's lexus rx330. 215/60r17 and 225/60r17 should both work fine.

Use Our Tire Calculator To Compare Tire Sizes Based On Tire Diameter, Radius, Sidewall Height, Circumference, Revs Per Mile And Speedometer Difference.

The shorter sidewall 225/60r17 tire will not provide the needed load. We strive to help you get the information you need about pcd, offset, rims and all other wheel and tire data that you need for your vehicle. See alternative tire sizes for 225/60r17.

/ Can I Put 225/60R17 On My 06Trailblazer In Stead Of 245/65R17.

Are 225 tires bigger than 215? The narrower and shorter tire would not provide the needed tread contact patch nor the needed load carrying capability necessary for your vehicle if. Rim & tire size calculator.

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My Girlfriend Has A ‘20 Premium With Oem Wheels And 225/60R17 Tires.

The difference in ride quality is absolutely noticeable between my stock 18s and my girlfriend’s stock 17s. The dealership has no problem taking the tires from the old to the new as they are just taking the old car to auction. Now the 235 wasn't mounted on a rim, would that make a difference?

A 205/550R17 Sized Tires Is Much Narrower And Shorter Than A 225/55R17 Sized Tire.

I want to get a new car but just put new tires on the old car that died. Can i use 215 60r17 instead of 225 55r17? A family member has a 2007 pontiac montana which currently has 225/60r17 tires.