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Can I Use A Surfing Wetsuit For Triathlon

Can I Use A Surfing Wetsuit For Triathlon. A triathlon wetsuit can cost anywhere from $150 to $700. You can also use a common surf wetsuit for swimming/triathlon, however it is not ideal.

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Can you wear a triathlon wetsuit for surfing? It’s a good option for people who want to try an event without spending hundreds of dollars on a new wetsuit. That being said, i am often asked, “can i use my ( scuba diving, triathlon, water skiing, kayaking, fishing etc.) wetsuit for surfing?

Triathlon Wetsuits Are Relatively Thin And Have A Very Good Buoyancy At The Same Time.

Ad save up to 70% off australia's biggest and best range of wetsuits! There is a high chance that you will damage your triathlon wetsuit or that you will get cold if you go surfing with it. The usa triathlon allows suits when the.

It Also Has Very Tight Openings At Neck And Arms, So It Won't 'Catch' The Water And Cause Drag.

A triathlon wetsuit is worn during open water swimming, which takes place in a body of water such as a lake, river, or ocean. This will make them wear more quickly. A triathlon wetsuit can be used for surfing, but there is a disadvantage.

A Triathlon Wetsuit Provides Two Things That A Surfing Suit Does Not, Aside From Warmth:

The wetsuit you want to use for swimming is different from wetsuits that you would use for surfing, scuba, or windsurfing. Though triathlon wetsuits aren't as warm as other wetsuits (i.e. The more one uses a triathlon wetsuit for surfing, and the more likely the suit will be damaged.

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It’s A Good Option For People Who Want To Try An Event Without Spending Hundreds Of Dollars On A New Wetsuit.

This can be made much easier by putting on a pair of thin, dry socks. You'll swim alot faster in one of those. Your body in turn heats that water layer, protecting you from the cold water.

Therefore, It Is Recommendable That When One Is Using A Triathlon Wetsuit For Surfing, Be Careful With The Surf Because The Outer Layer Of The Triathlon Is More Fragile.

I could also see from looking at them that some have no inner liner on the neoprene. Surfing wetsuits are actually a decent crossover for use when it comes to triathlons. For regular surfing, you should use a surfing wetsuit.