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Can I Use Freemie Cups With Spectra

Can I Use Freemie Cups With Spectra. These cups are similar to freemie and spectra cups in terms of shape, but the front panel and flange in contact with the breast is a heavy silicone material. Boil hard parts as desired.

Freemie Liberty Pump Review (Freemie Independence Review
Freemie Liberty Pump Review (Freemie Independence Review from

Spectra’s new caracups are placed in the bra, allowing moms to express breastmilk hands free. Spectra m1, s1, s2, s1 plus, s2 plus, 9 plus; I wished i had found them sooner, for the last 6 months i just hooked up my spectra hands free cups to my spectra s2 and got to sit and use my phone with both hands or read or whatever while pumping.

My Spectra Pump Is A Closed System That I Use With The Freemie Cups.

Caracups are a true closed system and compatible with all spectra breast pumps. For comparison sake, freemie collections cups are more pointed on the ends. You’ll need to use your own electric breast pump, and they just hook up to the end of your tubing.

Collection Cups Can Come In Handy In Many Situations Where You’d Prefer Not To Have Pump Parts And Bottles Hanging Off Of Your Chest, Versus Having Everything Enclosed In Your Nursing Bra.

And with handsfree freemie cups, u can do whatever u like! It is compatible with spectra tubing. Anyone have any recommendations for which brand, and the pros/cons of each?

Connect The Freemie Tube With The Quick Connector To The Other End Of The 5Cm Spectra Tube.

Freemie and maymom inserts are compatible with the youha cups. They can be used with any breast pump! Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon.

Available In Size 25Mm & 28Mm Only.

Spectra m1, s1, s2, s1 plus, s2 plus, 9 plus; From new little life by allison. Plug in your freemie tube into your collection cup and you’re ready to pump!

I’m About 2 Weeks Pp And Am Using A Spectra S1+ Pump With The 24Mm Flanges.

Once i empty my freemie cup into a bottle, there is milk left in the space where the tubes attach and i get condensation in the freemie tubes. Too light for my liking. By new little life by allison.

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