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Can I Use Invisalign If I Have A Bridge

Can I Use Invisalign If I Have A Bridge. If you’ve received a dental crown or bridge, then treatment with invisalign could cause some problems. Invisalign is often a suitable alternative;

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Because bridges firmly link two or more teeth together, they can offer significant resistance to tooth movement. If you are currently wearing dental crowns or bridges and you are thinking of getting invisalign, it’s highly likely that you and your dentist will encounter a few potential issues. However, the bridge may need to be sectioned or cut to allow the teeth to be individually guided to their desired locations.

Invisalign With A Bridge, On The Other Hand, Is Possible.

In theory the answer is yes, but in practice the answer is no. One common question we hear from patients is whether they can still get invisalign treatment if they already have an existing cavity. Invisalign may not be the best option for patients with dental implants, bridges, or tmj disorders.

However, There Are A Few Factors To Consider When It Comes To Getting Braces With Crowns And Bridges.

If the patient wants the teeth in the bridge to move, a dentist will have to remove the bridge and put in another one when the treatment is over. Invisalign works better to straighten the teeth of people who have crowns than traditional braces. Invisalign can damage loose or.

For Patients Who Currently Have A Bridge And Would Like To Use Invisalign To Straighten Their Smiles, It Can Be Done.

However, patients who have had one or more teeth restored with crowns may be concerned that these could impact the effectiveness of invisalign® or that crowns could become damaged during If the three teeth making up the bridge are already perfectly positioned, invisalign can work. The short answer to this question is yes—you can absolutely use invisalign with missing teeth.

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Dentists Strongly Recommend Treating The Cavity With A.

This can be a good option for the end of invisalign treatment. However, you can expect slower tooth movements if you have a bridge or veneers. Your doctor will be able to determine whether you are a candidate for invisalign treatment if you have bridges.

Invisalign Is Often A Suitable Alternative;

The viability of using invisalign® with bridges to individuals who wonder if it is possible to use invisalign® with bridges, the short answer is yes. Don’t worry, your dentist can restore your beautiful smile without interrupting your orthodontic treatment. This is because the brackets for braces need to be bonded to every tooth, which includes teeth with crowns.