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Can I Use K&N Oil On A Uni Filter

Can I Use K&N Oil On A Uni Filter. It helps retain dust, sand and dirt, thereby extending engine life. Both k&n and uni (i have both on bikes now) have to be oiled to work correctly.

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You have no way to clean that oil filter and it's already oil. #2 · jul 10, 2012. Besides it increases engine performance and prevents clogging.

They Need Oil, But I Didn't Want To Spring For The Uni Oil Yet.

Same stuff you use on dirt bike foam filter that you had to knead to get the oil distributed. Can i use k&n filter oil on a uni foam filter, ive just cleaned my filter and i dont have ne thing else to use and want 2 go riding? K&n oil is simply oil.

However, The K&N Oil And Kits Are Still By Far The Easiest To Find.

Because i'm a guy, i usually think more is better. For best results always use uni filter foam filter oil and cleaner. Personally i would use the proper oil for the proper media.

Never Reuse A Oil Filter Thay Make A Reuseable One But You Have Take It Apart And Clean It Ther Used For Raceing So You Can Check For Metal Pices Touringcamry Registered Camry Joined May 3, 2004 6,925 Posts #5 · Dec 4, 2007 No Man.k&N Air Filters Can Be Cleaned, Oiled, And Reused.

I let it sit for a while and mopped up what sunk to the bottom. Also question is, should i oil my foam air filter? A pre filter over the uni isn't necessary, uni with a good tacky oil works well enough.

I Just Bought The Uni Filter 2 Stage For The Cb360.

For without sufficient oil the air filter will fail to stop harmful dirt particles from entering your engine which will result in decreased performance and serious engine damage. The filter oil we use is red. The foam breathes almost as well as oiled gauze does.

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When Using An Air Filter Oil Squeeze Bottle, Apply K&N Air Filter Oil Evenly Along The Crown Of Each Pleat.

As for the oil, the k&n is way thinner. I'll make up a number and say that's between 90 and 95% as good as gauze when it comes to passing air. B bower100 registered joined oct 15, 2007 280 posts discussion starter · #12 · mar 18, 2010 definitely stay away from away from motor oils.