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Can I Use K&N Oil On Afe Filter

Can I Use K&N Oil On Afe Filter. Afe allegedly claimed there are suculants in k&n's oil and that is what sticks to everything through the intake tract. Looking to purchase a drop in filter soon, trying to.

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Some crankcase vent air filters come unoiled, however, they come with a small packet of k&n filter oil so they can be oiled before use. It went to court and afe had to remve the claim but not deny it. The proguard and the k&n are even in capacity, about 2x the capacity of the pro dry s.

If The Afe Filter You Have Is Intended To Be Oiled, I Would Assume The K&N Cleaning Kit + Oil Would Be Fine.

The afe has left the intake clean and bone dry. As for what oil to use, stick with oil intended for filters. The filter oil we use is red.

After Only 24 Minutes The K&N Had Accumulated 221Gms Of Dirt But Passed 7.0Gms.

Id rather not have to pay the shipping. Maintenance presupposes using the special oil which results in better performance and breathability, thus reducing fuel consumption. Only reason i bring that up is that vegetable based oil creates a stickey residue that tends to like to clog up maf sensors andwe have had a couple of customers have run away turbos also from it gumming them up.

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They Assume Oh, K&N Uses Oil, So Must Be Good On All Filters Not Understanding Theres Differences In The Materials Themselves.

My friend said he was told not to oil the filter because it's a diesel. Afe has the least expensive, and offers different colored oil. My only input on that is that k&n uses a vegetable based oil vs afe using synthetic based oil.

In Place Of Afe Oil.

Use only k&n oil, and never saturate the filter. K&n filtercharger is a zero resistance, reusable air one. I'd guess it would turn purple.

When The Filters Get Washed 5 Times, The Proguard Loses Some Performance In Capacity And Filtration.

Can i use k&n filter without oil? The oil is required to capture the finer dirt particles. He has same filter as me.