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Can I Use Lash Serum With Eyelash Extensions

Can I Use Lash Serum With Eyelash Extensions. If you want to avoid the maintenance or potential risks of lash extensions altogether, a lash serum alone is another great option. Eyelash extensions and the lash serum are two items that increase the appearance of your lashes but can you utilize both of them at the same time?

Lash Growth Serum Browgeous
Lash Growth Serum Browgeous from

Generally, the answer is no. Mascara can clump extensions and the beautiful lash fans and it can make your lash set very messy. That being said, some lash artists recommend using lash serum to ensure a healthier lash to attach individual lash extensions to.

If You Really Have To Use Mascara, Use The One That Is Made Explicitly For Extensions To Protect Them.

Apply the serum directly to your upper eyelid skin along your natural lash line. Lash serums containing oils will dissolve your lash glue, causing your extensions to fall out prematurely. Pick a lash serum that does not contain oil;

Only Dip The Wand Once, This Is Enough For Both Eye Lids.

You don’t want the moisture to creep in and make the lashes fall out. Mascara applicators should be avoided as they would coat the entire lash and make volume extensions clump together. It also hydrates your lashes while making them appear fuller, stronger and longer.

One Advantage Latisse Has Over Extensions Is They Are Authentic Lashes.

The serum does include soybean oil, but the actual formula is not oily, and i don’t think they will cause my extensions to fall out a long as i don’t go crazy and apply too much. They rely on almond oil, coconut oil, and castor oil to give you a fabulous look. Why use a lash serum with eyelash extensions?

If You Follow These 5 Tips, You’ll Keep Your Lashes Healthy While Rocking Those Fabulous Eyelash Extensions!

Tips for using your lash serum with eyelash extensions 1. Don’t apply directly to your natural lashes or your extensions. Another big pro of lash serums is that they don’t harm your eyelashes like extensions do.

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Their Evolutionary Purpose Is To Protect The Eye From Dust And Direct Sunlight.

Using a lash growth serum will help repair this damage and strengthen your natural lashes. Generally, the answer is no. Over time lash extensions will damage and weaken your natural lashes.