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Can I Use Teflon Tape On Oil Drain Plug

Can I Use Teflon Tape On Oil Drain Plug. So i'm looking at teflon tape (the type you use to seal water pipes). Can anyone suggest what they know to be a good sealant for a transmission drain plug?

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Teflon lowers the friction and you could crack the expensive and hard to replace housing if you snug it up too much. Now i don't have to deal with making the leak worse by removing the plug. I still own some and have put a lot of miles on them.

It Has No Tendency To Leak Because It's Not Submerged In Oil Like A Drain Plug Would Be.

I have a oil pan which has a larger size plug than normal due to a prior owner having to retap. I bought the bike with 1200 miles on the clock; Posted on jan 10, 2021.

As Far As I Know, Teflon Can Withstand 300 Degree +, And I Doubt The Engine Ever Reach That Temperature.

The shop manual says to use loctite 290, but at the dealer they said their service guys always use teflon tape so there's no leaks. I can tell she had it changed at least once by ??? Should i use teflon tape near the bolt part of the thread and leave the end of the thread without tape so no tape will be introduced into the oil pan.

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Can I Use Teflon Tape On Oil Drain Plug

Timing belt change is coming up Is it ok to use teflon tape on oil drain plug? I have tried 2 wraps of teflon tape on the tapered brass oil drain plug when i change the oil each time but i always get oil dripping/seeping passed the plug.

Ehh, You'll Have Some Seepage But By The Time You See Anything Funny, It Will Be Time For Da Next Fluid Change.

On the primary, i do put a wrap or so of teflon tape on the pipe thread drain plug. I have used teflon tape many times to make sink, bathroom and other water/hose type connections and was wondering if putting a wrap or two on the fumoto threads would do any good. I have used teflon tape with high quality plumbers pipe dope in the past, but always seem to have a drip.

Now I Don't Have To Deal With Making The Leak Worse By Removing The Plug.

This is a 1925 kissel speedster with w140 synthetic gear lube (about to be put in). The plug would leak even with a new sealing washer. I am also concerned about the teflon tape and the high heat in the oil pan.