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Can I Wear Falsies With Eyelash Extensions

Can I Wear Falsies With Eyelash Extensions. Always be gentle when taking off your false lashes and apply vaseline or some lash serum to your natural eyelashes at night. It’s super tempting to try wearing falsies over your extensions, especially if you’re getting ready for an event and your extensions are looking a little sparse.

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Fake lashes or strip lashes) on top of your lash extensions, read this short post discussing why. However, it is important to check in with your employer before wearing extensions. It sounds pretty tempting, but don’t give it a try.

Fake Lashes Or Strip Lashes) On Top Of Your Lash Extensions, Read This Short Post Discussing Why.

Wearing falsies can seriously damage your extensions and your natural lashes. The short answer is no. False human hair eyelashes (also known as falsies) carry the same ruling as eyelash extensions.

Glue From False Lashes Hardens In Your Extensions.

So you have an event coming up soon. If you have highly sensitive eyes, you may need to remove your contact lenses during your eyelash extension service but you will be safe to place them back in after the service. Don’t even think about it.

The Temporary Enhancement, Often Lasting A Month Or Two, Is Amazing For Two Reasons:

Instead of wearing mascara or strip lashes, you can opt for false eyelashes that will keep you looking permanently gorgeous. Applying false hair eyelashes or adding eyelash extensions are both considered haram in islam. In general, it is not advisable to wear fake eyelashes with eyelash extensions.

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Falsies Should Not Be Worn With Eyelash Extensions.

Doing so can cause damage to the lash extensions as well as the natural lashes. There is one question the team at fancy lash australia are asked more than most, and that is, “can you wear false eyelashes with eyelash extensions ?” wearing false lashes over your eyelash extensions is not something we recommend based on our years of experience. They begin to shed and fall out after about six weeks.

Though Wearing False Lashes On Occasion Can Add Beautiful Drama To Your Face And Highlight Your Eyes, The Truth Is That Wearing Lashes Too Often May Cause Infection And Irritation, May Ruin Your Own Lashes, And In Extreme Cases, May Even Cause Blindness!

Simply say no to wearing false eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are typically safe to wear with contact lenses. If you’re thinking of adding falsies (a.k.a.