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How Can I Make My Turbo Sound Louder

How Can I Make My Turbo Sound Louder. Personally i think they sound like s**t without a turbo exhaust of some sort, but it will be louder fot you. I would think, over time, that foam would get brittle from heat and disintegrate, feeding itself to the turbo, wreaking havoc.

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What did you used to cap it? All turbos make a whistling noise, however the sound is silenced by the exhaust system. Each turbo has its own characteristic sound.

Do The Following And You Will Hear The Turbo Spin.

Making your powerstroke turbo louder is a matter of increasing the turbo whistle. The pipe inside of the flex pipe works as a silencer for the turbo, though it most likely has other purposes. Make sure to check the rating and the reviews of any application before downloading it.

My Truck Is As Loud As If Not A Tad Louder Than A 5.9 And Thats With The Muffler.

That will just make you lose boost pressure. However, on heavy acceleration, it will not sound as genuine. Is it safe for the engine?

Then Remove The Top Of The Air Cleaner Box And Install A Cone Filter.

Usually a turbo whistler is made of light weight aluminium and can be fitted to your exhaust pipes without welding or drilling. You can make the car louder by some smaller tweaks/mods. You are not going to get the spool you are looking for because of the dv being different than a blow off valve (bov) which is not what the jetta is designed to run on.

Personally I Think They Sound Like S**T Without A Turbo Exhaust Of Some Sort, But It Will Be Louder Fot You.

You can make your turbo sound louder by attaching a turbo whistler to your exhaust pipe. Oct 16, 2008 at 8:59 quote: If you’re using a smartphone, you can check your store for the best applications to boost the device’s volume.

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If You're Not Planning To Race Your Car And You Don't Care About Its Top Speed Or Horsepower, You Don't Really Need To Add A Turbo System To Your Car.

Remove the resonator (the black plastic piece on top with 6.6 on it) and plug it. Even following in a car behind at 100klms windows up a/c on you can still hear the continious whistle. A bad turbo can make grinding noises, and this is bad.