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How Long After Pellet Insertion Can I Exercise

How Long After Pellet Insertion Can I Exercise. Extraneous exercise is not recommended. You can shower 24 hours following the procedure.

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A significant hormonal transition will occur in the first four weeks after the insertion of your hormone pellets. Remove the bandage after and adhesive strips after , as directed by your doctor. Get into a hot tub, swimming pool, or the ocean for 3 days (5 days for men).

Moderate Exercise Is Fine, But Stay Away From Exercises That Engage The Glutes.

You are fine to walk and do limited activity, but we don’t want the pellets to migrate out of the incision with excessive hip movement. It would be best to avoid heavy lifting, repetitive squatting, and extensive housecleaning, like vacuuming, for 3 days. Avoid bathtubs, swimming and hot tubs ;

The Hormone Pellet Insertion Process Itself Is An Outpatient Procedure That Takes Place In Your Health Care Practitioner’s Office—And It’s Faster And Easier Than You May Think:

Get back to normal activity as directed by your doctor. If you are going to take a tub bath, do not do so; You may remove the white gauze dressing and shower the next day.

*Limited Gluteal Exercises After Insertion For 72 Hours In Women And 7 Days In Men Can Reduce Swelling.

Be aware that you will be unable to engage in strenuous exercise and water activities for 3 days (women) or 5 days (men) after your pellets are inserted. If you are a woman, do not exercise or water exercise for 72 hours after your pellets have been inserted, and if you are a man, do not exercise or water exercise for 5 days afterward. Home » immediate complaints after the initial testosterone pellet insertion.

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Also, For 7 Days We Ask That You Do Not Do Any Gluteal Exercises.

After removal of the bandage, normal activities may resume. Instructions following insertion of testosterone pellet implants avoid vigorous physical activity for 2 days (women), 7 days (men). However some will feel better in as soon as two days and as long as two weeks.

What Happens During The Week Following The Insertion?

Once they have had the chance to rest and relax, they can begin to slowly get back into their regular exercise routine. Squats, dead lifts, lunges, bicycling, horseback riding, and yes, aggressive skiing. Avoid submerging the area in a bath tub, hot tub, swimming pool, lake, etc.