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How To Make A Gsxr 750 Faster

How To Make A Gsxr 750 Faster. A monkey can be trained to ride straight and fast. But still comes down to riders skill and weight.

2011 Suzuki GSXR 750 L1 Very Clean Sports Motorcycle
2011 Suzuki GSXR 750 L1 Very Clean Sports Motorcycle from

If ur just learning then start with a little less rev, and feel things out in second. Depends on amount of boost and power of all motor. Also it tops out at 16k rpm's in 6th at about 165mph (but there is no real need to go that fast anyway unless your on a track).

Apart From Making Sure It's Running Properly:

With the smaller bikes if for example you panic brake odds are lower on those bikes than the 750 that you'll dump it. Hooooooolllyyyy shit that's jail time. The hard part is being fast on twisted roads and only experience can do that

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A Monkey Can Be Trained To Ride Straight And Fast.

I have the epi white secondary spring a dynatec rev box i have 28 inch itp 589 tires what else can i do to make it faster? Properly set up suspension, good tires and experience, preferably through track days (if you have tracks around). The bike won't be faster but you will be so in the twisties you gain a big advantage over the liter bikes or busas.

It May Seem Like A Big Jump At First, But After A Few Weeks, You'll Get Used To It, So Don't Let The Power Be The Determinate For Your Decision.

For refrence i cruise down the highway at 80mph sitting at 8k rpm's, compare that to your stock geared bike. The easiest and cheapest way to go faster is to simply learn to ride the bike. Doesn't mean shit if you can go 270 or 280 km/h in a straight line.

If You Hit A Bump On The 750 And Accidently Give It A Bit Much Gas You Could Wheelie It And Throw Yourself Off Whereas On The 650 It's Much Less Likely To Happen.

I have a 2005 brute force 750 its bored out to a 840 with high compression pistons ,shaved heads stage 1 cam its ported and polished. Sure it has more power, but that power is controlled by your wrist. Let off and look down at the speedo.

You Might Be Far Enough Ahead That They Can't Catch You On The Straights.

The forks are quite soft and heavier or faster riders will benefit from an extra 30cc of fork oil to firm them up a tad. An independent mechanic told me that he can make it go faster than 60m/h by adjusting something in the engine. Looks likely to me that his right foot touched the ground after the initial loss of traction, causing him to panic and do everything else wrong.