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I Can't Even Look My Momma In The Eyes

I Can't Even Look My Momma In The Eyes. My father once told me “if you say you can’t, you can’t try” and i remember i rolled my eyes and thought he should get a job with hallmark. It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

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Can't look in my eyes lyrics: It would stand to reason that for a toddler, using a more primitive part of their brain, looking you in the eyes as you give directions in a firm voice would be interpreted in a similar way. Can't lie, this bitch golden, she control me when she ride.

I’ve Been Called Horrible Names I Don’t Understand And When I Asked My Momma What The Words Meant, She Wouldn’t Even Look Me In The Eyes.

The days where we can’t. Can’t look my mother in the eyes. But we all fall prey to the “can’t” sometimes.

She Gives Me The “Almond Shape” Eyes That Many Tell Me Runs In My Family.

Mmmmhmmmmm, mmmhmmmhmmm / fyi, i haven't smoked one ounce of weed today / that's wild, right? You probably can’t look your crush (or divine counterpart) in the eye because (and this is based on my personal experience) you are shocked at a core soul level and may be scared or insecure because of that. Maybe she just has very stary eyes and i feel intimidated or something as stupid as that sounds.

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11 Reasons A Child Cannot Look You In The Eyes:

I only live with my mom. Do you know how much that hurts, not being able to look your own mother and father in the face, without being sad?! When i do have to be around them they say 'i look so sad.‘ or 'whats the matter babygirl?

Well, I Guess That Explains It All.

I take a look at my life and realize there's nothin' left. Concerns about making a social faux pau, or even not knowing what to say, can cause social anxiety. Can’t is a shitty word and a shitty feeling.

Social Anxiety He May Just Be Plain Afraid To Connect With You.

I lost her unexpectedly before she even reached 50 years old. Every time shes talking to me i cant look in her eyes im not sure why something just tells me inside to look away straight away , i can look into my dads eyes when hes talking to me fine though. My body trembled as i watched the anguish on his face.