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I Can't Lose Her

I Can't Lose Her. She’s more than enough for you. No matter how hard i try.

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Why cant i lose her. The thought of seeing her with someone else would hurt me so horribly i know. I just cant say goodbye and lose her.

Cannot Lose Her Chapter 1:

You’re afraid to lose her. I just cant say goodbye and lose her. Everything you have to offer becomes, in your eyes, low in value.

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A little girl, a little small for her age. You lose her a little more every time you take her for granted. Posted by 7 minutes ago.

You're Gonna Lose The Race From Time To Time.

[verse 2] been on my grind i know that my schedule is busy but i always make sure i call you when i touch down in your city i'll make time because you're worth it. I gave birth to an. Thank you for every second you spend on my stories.

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Sometimes life's just that way. I will do all i can so i don’t lose you. You lose her a little more every time she goes to bed wondering, ‘why aren’t i enough for him?’ but what she doesn’t realize, as these feelings she has for you, blinds her of the truth.

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Because if you were worthy of her, you’d realize her value. Your paralyzing, unspoken fear about losing her is keeping you from thinking clearly and fearlessly taking the actions which will. I have met a lot of people in my life, but with you, it is different.