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If I Can Be Of Any Help

If I Can Be Of Any Help. 4.2k views view upvotes answer requested by steve w davis kyle jorgensen , ma ba english. I hope this helps, but please let me know if you need anything else or if you have any other questions.

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A lot of workplace misunderstandings could be solved simply with a meeting. What is the difference between i can help you. These alternatives to ‘let me know how i can help’ are appropriate for any workplace situation.

4.2K Views View Upvotes Answer Requested By Steve W Davis Kyle Jorgensen , Ma Ba English.

Spain, spanish mar 9, 2009. These alternatives to ‘let me know how i can help’ are appropriate for any workplace situation. If you require any further information, feel free to.

If Any Of My Players Are Bit Too Sensitive To What's Been Said, Feel Free To Let Me Know Anytime.

Any in the phrase of any use to you is a negative polarity item ( npi ), and therefore it must occur within the scope of a negative trigger. “of help” is particularly common in formal settings, and has a subtly different meaning and application to the adjective “helpful”. This answer is not useful.

Scheduling A Time To Talk Over What They Need Could Go A Long Way Towards Increasing Productivity.

You are asking if you can help anything. Show activity on this post. But if i can be of assistance in encouraging it from the inside, i will.

A Lot Of Workplace Misunderstandings Could Be Solved Simply With A Meeting.

It's possible that to be of some help implies optimism (that you will likely be helpful) while to be of any help implies the possibility that maybe you will not be helpful at all. “is there anything i can help” is clearly not what you mean, because the object of the verb there is anything. If you for some reason need to stay close to that structure, papa poule's suggestion of should you feel i can be of further assistance,. is also correct and acceptable.

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Let Me Know If I Can Be Of Further Assistance.

I can be of any help to you is the most popular phrase on the web. The phrase “to be of help” is a construction roughly synonymous with “helpful”. Be a (great/big/tremendous/real etc) help (to somebody).