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If I Can Paint A House In 3 Hours

If I Can Paint A House In 3 Hours. Jake, lionel, and wayne work as house painters for paint well company. There are three twelfths in one fourth, so you will need to hire three bad workers to have your house painted on time.

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One bad worker can paint one twelfth of your house in 3 hours. A painter can finish painting a house in 7 hours. Sam can paint the same house in 5 hours this means that joe can do one job in 3 hours.

A Master House Painter Can Paint A Room In 2 Hours.

Second, check your work site to see if there is any wet paint that is in danger of raining off. 1/15 of the house in 1/8 hours 15/15 of the house in 1/8 x 15 = 15/8 hours = 1.875 hours. My house painted in 3 hours.

To Paint The Same Room Will Take Her Apprentice 3 Hours.

They may decide, for reasons we don’t know, to work very slowly — even though they have the capability of working more quickly. Math a contractor needs two men and 5 litres of paint to paint on a fenced wall that is 40m by 3m in 9 hours. The second painter can paint a house in 5 hours, so he can paint 1/5 of a house per hour.

How Long Will It Take Them Working… Get The Answers You Need, Now!

All of the work has to be carried out over 6 days , therefore 600 days work + 6 days = 100 days work per day, answer: How long would it take for them to complete the job if they were working together? Answer provided by our tutors 1 hour work of painter 1/7.

Each Bad Worker Can Paint My House Alone In 36 Hours.

Alone, brad can paint the house in 3 hours less time than andrea. A hard rain will affect the primer if it's not good and dry. Jake, lionel, and wayne work as house painters for paint well company.

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An Hour Or So After The Primer Is Dry To The Touch Should Be Enough Time For Latex Primer To Fend Off Light Rain.

In 1 hour christopher paints 1/27 part of work in 1 hour christopher and cynthia paint 1/21 part of same work. Brainly user brainly user 03/07/2020 mathematics middle school answered • expert verified catherine can paint a house. With these values, the part of work done by each person in an hour can be found.