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Is A 383 Stroker Fast

Is A 383 Stroker Fast. That means either aftermarket heads or professionally ported stockers. Now let me preface by saying i understand driving an old muscle car is not exactly fuel efficient, but i did some calculations and i am only get about 5 miles to the gallon, and it is not like i'm lead footed.

Selling a 383 Stroker engine CorvetteForum Chevrolet
Selling a 383 Stroker engine CorvetteForum Chevrolet from

Ls1 engines can be stroked to 383ci, and larger ls engines like the ls3 can be stroked up to 427ci. Discussion starter · #1 · dec 6, 2009 (edited) i am ready to start my 383 rebuild next week. I currently have 2 magnaflow catalytic converters.

[/Quote'] Whoa, The Term Fast Revving Means High Revs.

Put a 420 hp/460 lbs of torque 383 stroker in a 69 chevelle with a power glide and 3.08s in the rear. This engine has a bore of 4 inches with a stroke of 3.8 inches. Jd, when the gm aluminum fast burn heads were first introduced a few years ago, the description in the gmpp catalog stated that they put a set on a 9.5 to 1 383 with a.540 lift hydraulic roller and made just about 500 hp and a bunch of torque on pump gas.

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A 350 Has A 3.48 Length Of Stroke Making And Using 350 Cubic Inches Of Engine, Stroked Out It Would Be 3.75 Per Cylinder Making Your App A 383 Cubic Inch And Much Better Volume Of Room For Air/ Fuel Firing Chamber.

The displacement increases from 5.7 ;oters (350 cubic inches) to 6.27 liters (383 cubic inches). Built from a chevy late model 350 block our 383 strokers have a roller camshaft, roller lifters and roller rockers. I need a recommendation for high flow catalytic converters.

Finding A Good 400 Block Is Not An Easy Task These Days.

Since the stroker speeds up considerably, the rpm in the engine may drop so that more air can be extracted from it. How fast is 383 stroker? The camaro has been sold!

You’ll Need A Beefed Up Drive Train For This Beast!

It doesnt mean anything about how fast the revs increase. Simple tips on the do's and don'ts from experience:bigears. Canadian crate engines has 383 stroker engine packages in stock and ready to ship.

Putting The 400 Crank In The 350 Increases The Stroke To 3.750.

So a 383 is probably a better way to go. That is a 350 block (030 over) with a 3.875 crank. If you do the math, you will get 382.6;