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Is Silver Chariot Faster Than Star Platinum

Is Silver Chariot Faster Than Star Platinum. However, silver chariot is weighed down by its armor and needs to shed it to reach that full speed. Is silver chariot faster than star platinum?


There is no reasonable room for doubt here. It's an incredibly fast stand, faster than light itself, even able to overpower star platinum because of its speed. Silver chariot is an incredibly quick stand.

Star Platinum Is Also Noted By Araki To Be The Strongest Stand Or Record In Terms Of Destructive Power, As Seen From

Furthermore, this matches up with other feats of characters and stands including silver chariot itself deflecting other types of light (ultraviolet rays, light from the real sun) and wog saying star platinum is faster than light. It's a stand that is literally a miniature sun that fires beams of light. Silver chariot hones a rapier that is more than enough to quickly defeat by slicing them into pieces.

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Does Give Us Some Hints) Tower Of Gray Was Simply Faster Than Star Platinum, Which At The Time Was Not That Big A Deal, Since Catching A Bullet Was Its Only Speed Feat.

Star platinum requiem is a requiem version of star platinum that was formerly obtainable through an easter egg, but that method was removed. Not even star platinum has ever been shown to move that fast. Plus, we got confirmation from the author himself.

Star Platinum Is Faster Than Silver Chariot Without The Armor While Suppressed.

The world was stated by dio to be above star platinum in terms of power and speed. And silver chariot is slower than it, though not that much. Crazy diamond is faster, stronger and more versatile than silver chariot, he likely overwhelms and then dorarararas pol to death.

At Its Peak Speed It Is Able To Appear In Multiple Places At Once, Due To Moving At A Speed Faster Than The Human Eye Can Process, Thus Creating Illusory Afterimages.

No regular stand (notorious big is not regular) in the series even begins to approach that level of speed. Silver chariot is based on the 7th tarot card known as the chariot. The fact is, star platinum is faster than silver chariot, with armor or without.

It's An Incredibly Fast Stand, Faster Than Light Itself, Even Able To Overpower Star Platinum Because Of Its Speed.

Silver chariot is one of the tarot series stands, representing taro #7, the chariot, symbolizing war, revenge and victory. Star platinum is most definitely not over 1.5 million times slower than silver chariot, therefore star platinum is also faster than the speed of light. There is no reasonable room for doubt here.