Postcode جدة

Postcode جدة. الرمز البريدي جدة حي الربوة: Saudi arabia uses two postcode systems for:

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The zip code (zone improvement plan) in us consists of 5 numbers, and helps to identify an address. With a population of about 4,697,000 people as of 2021, jeddah is the largest city in makkah province, the largest city in. After years of extensive planning, sharbatly village was founded in 1977 and is located on prince mutab street, only ten minutes away from the international airport.

السابق الرمز البريدي للرياض 2017.

Makkah is a state of saudi arabia, there are 12 regions in the state. Sharbatly village is a private residential compound and is one of the largest compounds in jeddah. Please enable javascript to view the page content.

The Zip Code (Zone Improvement Plan) In Us Consists Of 5 Numbers, And Helps To Identify An Address.

[ˈdʒɪd.da]), is a city in the hejaz region of saudi arabia and the country's commercial center. Box delivery as described in the second position. For any correspondence addressed to someone residing in jeddah, the postal/zip code is as follows:

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الرمز البريدي لجدة حي الجامعة:

The first number is for the state: قد تجد أن المشاريع الإنشائية أو حركة المرور أو الأحوال الجوية أو الأحداث الأخرى قد تتسبب في اختلاف أحوال الطريق عن نتائج الخريط. Saudi arabia uses two postcode systems for:

With A Population Of About 4,697,000 People As Of 2021, Jeddah Is The Largest City In Makkah Province, The Largest City In.

With privately walled villas and a landscape spread over half a million square. The postal code or zip code of jeddah, saudi arabia is 21577. This page provides information on postal codes and administrative divisions in subordinate areas of makkah.

كلمات دليلية الرمز البريدي جدة 1438 الرمز البريدي لجدة الصندوق البريدي جدة رمز بريد جده صندوق بريد جدة.

Al basateen, jeddah saudi arabia: Jeddah ka post code = 21577 riyadh ka post code = 11564 complete list of other saudi arabia's cities: الرمز البريدي جدة حي البساتين: