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What Is Ghs Fast Fret Made Of

What Is Ghs Fast Fret Made Of. The same stuff is happening here. It always left some weird residue all over the fretboard, no matter how much i wiped off.

GHS Fast Fret Guitar String Cleaner and Lubricant Mill
GHS Fast Fret Guitar String Cleaner and Lubricant Mill from

From what i've read, it is more of a string conditioner of sorts and provided a bit of lubrication. Big bonus, the new package is 10 times better than the old one. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime.

It Might Just Be My Skin Chemistry.

You could even use it to refill your fast fret applicator when it dries out. The impact broke my wrist in three places and i couldn't play guitar again for almost two years. Hold the tuner end and run a clump of 0000 steel wool over the entire surface area of the string to smooth it down, knock off specks of metal particles, manufacturing crud, etc.

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I Went To The Guitar Store Today And Bought Some Fast Fret For $6.60.

It's made to use on wood and it will last you a lifetime of guitar playing. The same stuff is happening here. *my only gripe is with the container.

I Am Still Using A Couple Of Fast Frets That I Had Bought More Than 5 Years Ago.

A pro guitar player friend of mine swears by ghs fast fret on his guitars. Secret of fast fret is: Do it after you play to clean them then wipe off after with the cloth provided.

This Tiny Amount In The Much Bigger Container.

Cover the top with the cloth , invert the bottle, flip it back over. The two times i've oiled a fretboard over my 54 years of playing, i use mineral oil on a cloth (most likely another cut up t shirt). All in all, if you want to preserve your string's life for as long as possible, here's is a cheap and very handy product.

It Made Me Play So Fast That One Time My Hand Slipped Off The Neck And Crashed Into A Wall.

Ghs fast fret october 11, 2013. This video shows you how to apply fast fret to your guita. Is awesome on hot humid gigs, a little on the back of the neck helps the hand slide when sweating.