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Why Can't I Be Sober

Why Can't I Be Sober. I will only complicate you. Here are 7 reasons you may not be able to stay sober:

People Share The Exact Moment They Went From Being
People Share The Exact Moment They Went From Being from

You’ll hear a lot of reasons why addicts can’t stop doing drugs and why alcoholics can’t stop drinking, but the main reason they can’t stop is because they literally cannot stop—their brains won’t allow it. I am just an imbecile. It's like turning the volume up on your favourite song only to realise you damaged your hearing.

Each Year, Thousands Of People Attempt To Think Their Way Into Sobriety And Die As A Direct Result.

Why can't we drink forever? I am just an imbecile. If i admit i am powerless over alcohol, i should expect to be overpowered at some point.

I Am Just A Worthless Liar.

You have to listen to everything on full blast now otherwise it sounds like distant elevator music. And then consider any of the following reasons to remain sober (we hope this helps you to stay on track!): And don’t forget, alcohol is an addictive, mind altering drug.

Drinking May Have Caused To Ignore Your Needs And Neglect Your Dreams.

Why is it so difficult to stay sober? I will only complicate you. I am just an imbecile.

We Used To Cause Havoc Everywhere We Went.

Why you can’t just think yourself sober. It is just a symptom of what’s going on underneath. Some here suggested it was progress for me to even admit my drinking after rounds of dishonest posts and confrontation.

Whatever, It Just Happens That Alcohol Is Not Their Tool Of Choice.

“why can’t we not be sober?” one answer is that the addictions satisfy an existential need for transcendence and empowerment that is structurally part of what it is to be human. All change sucks, but getting off drugs is a positive change. Even mild to moderate drinking can adversely affect cognitive ability.

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